Jasmines Case Files Book 4 draft 2¬†Jasmine returns to Port Bailey, wondering why she cares to help. Why not leave Port Bailey to IAA, her nemesis,¬†and past lover? Too bad she is not going to have time to dwell on her reasons for returning–not when a larger threat is looming. North Koreans and Russians are setting up a deal that could have potential problems for more than Port Bailey residents.

But, who or what is this larger threat? Will more people from Jasmine’s past arrive in Port Bailey or will it turn out to be a double-cross?

The only way to find out is to download your copy of Jasmine’s Case Files: #122417 IAA.

Discover more about Jasmine, Westgate, and what is happening in their world. With potential twists and turns, the plot is heating up in Book 4, in more ways than one.


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